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We are crossing our fingers for 5 more weeks..

Hi Everyone. Thank you all, again, for your patience and support for Karen. She is healing well and getting great news with her test results. Her cancer team determined that she does not need chemo. However, she does still need radiation. She will need to report to the cancer center 5 days a week for the next 4 weeks for treatment. We are crossing our fingers that 4 weeks will do the trick and that is all she will need.

Having treatment daily means that she will need to remain in the KC area. So, no multiple day trips or visits to the East Coast as of yet but we are hoping in the near future.

Karen IS currently taking on morning saddle fit appointments in the KC area. She is also doing Equine Horse & Rider Biomechanic Sessions and Cold Laser Therapy. If you have any questions about these services or would like to request an appointment, please contact us.

Thank you, Tina

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