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Karen's progress through cancer treatment

As many of you know, Karen was recently diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. She underwent a partial Mastectomy last week and is waiting to find out which is needed for follow up, radiation or chemo.

Prior to her cancer surgery (a week prior..) she had surgery to remove 3 bones from her wrist which were impinging nerves.

Ive been posting updates via Facebook but realize some of her followers are not on social media. So, please feel free to share this blog.

Karen is taking some down time from the physical saddle fitting while she recuperates. We are still taking appointment requests, answering questions and helping clients via phone/email. So, please feel free to contact us during this time.

We appreciate all the support and encouragement Karen has received thus far. It is extremely important to her that she gets back to her clients as soon as possible!!

I have launched a fundraiser for Karen to help with her medical expenses during this time. The link is:

Thank you, Tina (Karen's Sister)

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