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 The prices listed below are subject to change. Individual pricing can vary based on actual need, time, and materials used at fitting. 

Saddle Fitting Services

Equine Consultation and Saddle Fit Evaluation

This service is typically your first appointment with us, or if you have a new horse or new saddle. We will come to your farm and perform a full equine back evaluation, then evaluate your current saddle fit for both you and your horse. This evaluation includes thermal image of the saddle fit.  Once we have evaluated, we will then either adjust the saddle or make recommendations as to what your horse requires in a saddle. If needed, we will do an add on service of full back tracings ($30) and take you through our saddle sale/ purchasing 

$125-$165 & up

Saddle Fit/ Flock Adjustment 

This service is for follow up adjustments- Once your saddle has been determined a good fit this service is used to provide minor adjustments, fresh flocking, and customization of your saddle fit to horse. This evaluation includes thermal image of saddle fit. We recommend at least an annual check up of saddle fit-more often for young/ developing horses, horses in full work, or sensitive horses. 

$100 & up

Biomechanic Riding Session and Saddle Adjustment

For this service we will watch the rider spend 30 minutes on the horse in the saddle with no half pad. This will allow for time for the rider to relax and get into their normal point of balance and the fitter to evaluate rider position with fit. The saddle is then taken off and scanned with thermal for uniformity of contact and adjusted accordingly. The rider re-mounts and tests the use of seat and leg aids to ensure that they are comfortable with the corrections that were made.


Add-on Services

All add on services are priced for the same horse as appointment

Additional Saddle Evaluations

Evaluation of saddle, safety points, and fit on horse- does not include re-flock or adjustment

$25/per saddle

Custom Templates

Tracings done of horses back for saddle fit evaluation


Second Saddle Fitting

Second saddle fit/ flock adjustment for same horse

$75 & up

Cold Laser Treatment

20 min session add on, please see laser description at bottom of page.


PEMF Blanket Therapy

30/ 60 min session add on, please see PEMF blanket therapy description at bottom of page.


We are able to work with saddles of any discipline. For specific questions please contact us

Saddle Repairs & Reflocking


We offer billet replacement, and minor saddle repair of broken stitching and popped quilting on knee rolls and panels. 

Flock Lift

Relatively new saddles might just require a light refreshing to maintain shape. New wool flock will be used to lift the existing flock in the panels to ensure consistent contact with your horse's back. This is the most common type of service for saddles that are properly and regularly maintained.

Partial Flock

It may be found that the flocking in the twist, pommel, or knee roll areas is in need of replacement due to uneven wear or excessive pressure( jumping is the most common cause, as is an imbalanced rider).

Please Contact Us for Pricing

Please Contact Us for Pricing

Please Contact Us for Pricing

Full Flock

If your saddle is older, used often, or used on several different horses, it may be in need of a full reflocking. The saddle will be taken apart and inspected for damage. Repairs will be made as needed and discussed. The old flocking will be removed from the panels, the saddle will be sewn back onto the tree, and the panels re-flocked with top quality wool. If you have had the Horse Back Evaluation done, the saddle will be flocked to fit the templates to guarantee the best possible fit to your horse. 

Please Contact Us for Pricing

*Clients are responsible for shipping costs


Stable Call Fee

Appointment Deposit

Late Cancellation Fee

We Service a very large area Including CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, ME, NY, NJ , KS, MO.


Applied to appointments based on location, may be required after a no-show appointment. 


If an appointment is missed without 48 hour notification


No- Show Fee

If an appointment is missed without any notification a fee will be charged in addition to the Stable Call Fee that was applicable to the appointment. In the future to schedule a new appointment an Appointment Deposit may be required. 


Other Services Offered

PEMF Blanket Therapy

The Bio-Pulse™ Sentry Blanket Magnetic Therapy System

PEMF can be used either as a preventative to injury, especially for equine athletes, or to treat specific equine conditions such as:


  • Shortened Forelimb Stride

  • Forelimb lameness

  • Abnormal head carriage

  • Muscle atrophy and stiffness

  • Bucked Shins

  • Ligament injuries

  • Bowed tendons

  • Fresh and delayed union bone fractures

  • Fetlock and pastern injuries

  • Sesamoid

  • Suspensory injuries/DDFT

  • OCD

  • Degenerative Joint Disease

  • Tendon issues

  • Arthritic conditions

  • Pedal Osteitis and Degenerative joint Disease

  • Abscesses

  • Hoof Cracks & Quarter Cracks

  • Founder & Laminitis

  • Navicular Syndrome

  • Injuries to Metacarpals, Fetlock, Pastern & Sesamoids


30 min session      $75

       added to appointment $50

60 min session     $140

      added to appointment $90

Cold Low Level Laser

Respond System, Inc 2400VS

Class 3 Medical Laser

For treatment of soft tissue injuries and for relief of pain caused by injury, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases found in dogs, cats, and horses.


Veterinarians, Physical therapists, companion animal and horse owners have been using laser therapy and magnetic therapy equipment for over 25 years to speed healing of injuries and pain relief.

Laser Applications

  • Torn Tendons & Ligaments

  • Chronic Joint Disease

  • Neurological Injuries

  • Wound Healing

  • Pain Relief


20 min session      $65

       added to appointment $50

Weekly Rental     $150

Digital Thermography

If you have lameness issues, such as a possible abscess or tendon strain, our thermal camera can help pinpoint the problem area. It can be a very useful tool in conjunction with x-rays.


We do not provide a diagnosis, instead we can pinpoint an area for your equine practitioner to explore. You can check hoof angles for even balance and weight bearing.


The image above shows stress on the right front coronary band as well as through the tendons. The farrier was able to correct the angle after a couple shoeings.

Please Contact Us for Pricing

Results and images can be saved to CD 

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