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Saddle Fitting, Reflocking, and Repair for All Disciplines. 

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Saddle fit is important to the overall performance and well being of today's equine athlete. In years past, we had less cross-bred horses than today. Our typical English mount was a Thoroughbred, Western was the Quarter Horse. Today we see many more Warmbloods and Draft crosses used for riding. With so many saddle and tree options on the market today, it can be very difficult to know what is best for you and your horse.

The correct saddle fit will lead to better physical development over time, and encourage a sound and supple frame. Incorrect saddle fit can show in many ways, including; sore backs, unwillingness to collect, connection and soundness issues, and even behavioral issues. Having a saddle that does not fit your horse can be detrimental to your training and riding.

The Refined Equine, LLC was created with the horses' best interest in mind. Today's equestrians are becoming aware of the need for specialized equine services to keep their horses and equipment in the best condition possible.  There is a growing demand for saddle fitting and reflocking services to solve soundness and performance issues in today's horses..


We pride ourselves in offering the best professional service for you and your horse, using the latest technology to support our saddle fitting. With every saddle fitting we use Thermal Imagery, so we can easily and quickly assess a saddle for fit and make adjustments for rider balance and horse comfort.

With over 15 years in the industry, owner and saddle fitter, Karen Withstandley, offers world class knowledge and experience to horse owners of all disciplines. 

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Our Services

We Specialize in Equine Consultation based saddle fitting for all disciplines.

Fitting Services
Saddle Repair and Reflocking

After inspecting your saddle, it may be found in need of work to ensure safety or customize the fit to your horse.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging shows the areas of contact / pressure on the saddle and the horse.

Client Testimonials

"As an Equine veterinarian, acupuncturist and chiropractor, I have always understood the importance of a proper fitting saddle. I became a true believer, however, when Karen fitted a saddle to my own horse. He was immediately more supple, forward and happier. I could feel the push from his hind-end flow through his back as though a connection had finally been made. Karen makes my job so much easier and more rewarding. I recommend Karen Withstandley and The Refined Equine to all my clients."

Dr Christina Braun, DVM

"Having found out the hard way how important saddle fit is for horse AND rider, I recommend a saddle assessment by Karen Withstandley every six to twelve months!

I changed my saddle to a less restricting model just four months ago, which made me find my seat better, stabilize more effectively through the core and allow my horses to stretch down happily! Transitions are now coming through quicker, relaxation stays better in my horse's back and I am definitely more balanced as a rider!

I thank Karen for the thorough evaluation of my saddle, seat, and horses under saddle. Her recommendations and saddle fitting made us excel!

Kirsten Gray- Gray Friesian Farm

" I was very impressed by the professionalism and courtesy shown by the Refined Equine staff. I received clear and carefully explained information and was shown how and why my saddle did not fit my horse. I found the whole experience enjoyable, and I could not be happier with the results."

Beth, Franklin MA

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