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Saddle Fitting 

Any client wishing to be scheduled must have our Client Form on file. 


Scheduling is done through our business manager Kate.  She can be reached at or 203-558-8679. Any scheduling adjustments/ special request need to go through Kate.

For individuals/ small groups (up to 4 people) at farms we will set your appointments up individually through Kate.

For larger barns/ groups (4 people or more) we ask that we have a main trainer/ contact to send a barn sign up sheet. We request the sheet be returned within 7 days prior to the fitting with all information filled out.

How do I Schedule an Appointment?

  • Have your horse in, groomed (hoofs picked out and clean) for your appointment time

  • If it is going to rain, please make sure your horse is dry when we arrive- we cannot fit a wet horse (sweat= wet)

  • Have all of your tack out, clean and ready to go (including your bridle and any boots you require to ride)

  • Have your riding gear ready to go (Helmet, boots, etc..) Karen may request that you ride in your newly adjusted saddle to ensure the best fit

How do I prepare for my Appointment?

For a new client, a client with a new horse or a client with a new saddle- a full saddle fit evaluation can take up to 1.5 hours per horse. We appreciate your assistance on helping us stay on a schedule by being ready for your appointment (see question above).   


We will evaluate your saddle on your horse, adjust flocking, and may request that you ride so we can thermal image your saddle for fit.

What Should I Expect at my Appointment? 

Payment is due on the day of service, no exceptions. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Any invoices not paid on day of service may be subject to late fees/ finance charges. Please make all checks payable to The Refined Equine, LLC.

When Is Payment Due?

How Often Should I have my Saddle Fitted?

Saddles should be fitted and adjusted every 2-6 months, at least once annually depending on your horse and the work they are in. More often for young/ developing horses, horses in full work, or sensitive horses.

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